What is a Codacast Smart Code?
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Traditional QR Codes are 2-dimensional black and white bar codes which you can scan with your smartphone. When you scan the code you are redirected to an online web page or file. Smart Codes are Codacast's evolution of the traditional QR Code and include the following features:

Codacast enables you to choose the colour of your code. This enables it to blend in with your brands colours and ensure it integrates into your overall marketing designs. Traditional B&W QR Codes were harsh, did not integrate into the design aesthetic of marketing materials and therefore were pushed to a corner of the design and made very small

Smart Codes can be branded with your company logo or image. This ensures your target audience know that this code is yours and the content it leads to is managed by you and safe

Codacast enables you to edit the target URL / web address of all your Smart Codes. This provides full control over where a Smart Code brings your target audience when they scan it. This dynamic targeting does not exist in traditional QR Code generators, where once you set a URL / web address, it cannot be changed easily

When Smart Codes are scanned they provide valuable information that will help you manage your marketing strategies and campaigns. These analytics features are provided in real time allowing you to make decisions during a campaign rather than when it has been completed, as is often the case currently when real world advertising tries to direct customers to online content

Codacast has created a free app for reading QR Codes. It scans up to 50% faster than the next best scanner and is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Download the app now for your phone at the following links:

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How Our Clients Use Their Smart Codes
Marketing Campaigns

Codacast Smart Codes are the most effective way to engage with your real world target audience and bring them to your online content. Smart Codes are best considered to be a 'Call to Action' that you use in your printed marketing materials. Campaigns are best designed using the same mindset as you would when developing a digital marketing campaign.

Grooveyard promotion at Tropical Popical
Whether you want customers to visit your website promotion or direct mobile traffic to products / services you are selling online, a Codacast Smart Code will get them there without needing to type your web address on their smartphone or search on Google. Codacast codes are visually impactful and will catch the eye of your customers wherever you place them. Unlike the old B&W codes, these integrate aesthetically into your graphic design, and are best incorporated as an integral feature rather than something that is placed in the corner of the design. Again, this is your call to action, you wouldn’t put it where no one pays attention on a web page, nor should you when using Smart Codes on your printed materials.

Competitions / Lead Generation

Running competitions at events and conferences are a proven way to engage delegates with your brand and products / services and to gather contact information. Codacast Smart Codes allow you to capture this information easily, run the competition, choose a winner and provide you with a table of the captured information. The Smart Codes can be incorporated into whatever way you want to design and run the competition. Add the codes to banners and signs, flyers that are distributed at the event, on large screens, wherever you want to display the competition information, you can display the smart codes.

Minevention Kids
Where you want to capture information but do not want to run a competition, Codacast’s Smart Codes are smart enough to do that too. You just set up in the same way, remove the competition feature and the same codes will capture the information that you define in the same way, providing you with a table of the information. You can set this up to capture names, emails, company names, phone numbers, etc. You define the information to be captured.

Smart Business Cards feature a branded Smart Code which, when scanned, reads the file on our servers containing your contact details. Connections to whom you give your business card simply scan the code to download & save all your details on their smartphone or tablet. Saves time - no typing on a mobile phone!

Codacast Smart Business Cards
The contact details you can add to your Smart Business Card include: Name, Company, Address, Position, Email, Landline Number & Mobile Number.

If your details change you can log into your Codacast account and edit them. Your business cards will always be up-to-date.